Master I from on January 31st, 2024
cp-ur 900 + cp-sr 390
42 cards

Notes & Combos

Tried to play without floodgates but this meta is not kind to rogue decks. Losing chaos ruler reduces the number of interuptions the deck can make now so the best scenario is making transfurlmine,use it effect to set magikey unlocking and making dragite with the magikey combo(my magikey bystial deck goes in depth with the combo but instead of making chaos ruler just replace that with dragite or any other level 8 synchro you think will be better for your game). Then the rest of the game depends if you draw a floodgate or hand trap. If your opponent maxx c you the best thing to do is make bagooska and pass since most of the tier decks can otk so you need to put some type of floodgate on the field. Most of the time the floodgates are insta wins since a bunch of decks on the tier list can't play through there can only be one or summon limit. Hopefully Konami makes more support for this archetype cause it looks cool and has potential for some great board enders. Personally I would like to see a link 1 that uses a normal monster as material since the deck uses normal monsters, a ritual spell that can be search with pre-preparation of rites, and a magikey extender that can be use with some other engines like my magikey bystial deck.

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