Diamond I from on November 30th, 2022
cp-ur 900 + cp-sr 240
40 cards

Author Notes

This is just a funny version I made to show that scareclaw-tri-brigade can summon a lot of different boards and steal other deck boss monsters

This version needs 2 main deck bricks and at least 2 slots on the extra deck so you lose a lot of the scareclaw lines(that is why I cutted sclash, arrival, reich) in this version scareclaw is just a engine to get a extra + out of cat and visas makes riser to send snow + make denglong, since you always go for riser I cutted baronne and I am testing 2 level 8

Chaofeng search ash blossom or veiler that is why I putted 1 instead of 3 imperms

Blackwing Zephyros was a blessing to this variant, and I would say that he is probably optimal for all scareclaw-tri builds getting body + the extra card in hand is very VERY good and the level 4 body helps making a easy XYZ and also make links

I would say cerburrel is still fine for the syncro variant but for all others play zephy, maybe even in the syncro variant if you can that card is insane for us the draw back being returning a card to the hand turning out to also being a benift is just so much value