Win Streaks from on May 16th, 2024
cp-ur 1410 + cp-sr 600
60 cards

Notes & Combos

The problem with having fun in Master 1 is that a lot of people concede immediately if they're going second and you show any sign of comboing because there are absolutely no consequences to doing so. So to get any real games, I have to be the one not to concede going second, even if the deck I want to play isn't great at doing that. The solution then is simple: play pure blind second.

I really enjoy the Volcanic cards for the going second task, as they are just so adept at killing through anything. Thanks to them, you can even use S:P and Evenly Matched to break boards effectively while still threatening lethal.

This particular list is mostly copied from X X I L's version. I initially tried running fewer Super Poly targets but enough matchups where they mattered. The third Widow Anchor I only added because I was facing a weird amount of Horus Naturia ft. Calamity lock and against that deck it's draw a quick-play or bust. I'm also running the full three Volcanic Blaze Accelerators because I like the card wasn't sure what to do with the last couple of slots.

I haven't tried with the Horus cards. I fear that Sarcophagus being destroyed and even more than that Imsety's search being negated are so incredibly minus. Yes that can be counteracted by including more Volcanic cards like Shell, Scattershot, and Reload, but at that point I'd have to cut most of the blind second tools. Besides, how could I cut the Sky-Striker package when the Engage animation is so cool? Still, definitely something worth considering.

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