Danger Dark World

Theme Chronicle from on January 30th, 2023
cp-ur 300 + cp-sr 810
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Turn 1 - Set up Apollo, Tri-Gate, and then some combination of Gryphon/Avra/Cerberus/Phoenix. You can also go for the Deck Devastation Virus play with Curious/Gryphon + Codebreakers. Snipes a lot of the most common deck's starters.

Turn 2 - Spam summon/draw until you find Exceed so you can make Update Jammer (if you get unlucky and end up with both Exceed in hand, you can Saryuja or discard one and put it back in the deck with Avarice). Update Jammer into Avra (Rasterliger works too). Not hard to build a full board throughout this process for easy OTK regardless.

BONUS - Getting Maxx C'd is actually hilarious. Spam summon/draw till your opp has more cards in hand than they do in deck (its not as hard as you would think)...activate Card Destruction. GG EZ :)

Exceed may seem a little strange but I loved having it, both for OTK and more consistent Dugares. Another Bigfoot or 2 would have been nice. Very fun deck though, highly recommend!

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