Earth Machine

Master V from on May 21st, 2024
cp-ur 1140 + cp-sr 630
60 cards

Notes & Combos

Back again, to demonstrate that the Soulpiercer limit wasn't enough to stop this deck!

...Alright, so for those who missed it last month: this deck is based on a new combo I came up with, where Bike, Prodigy, Wagon, Gearframe, and Metalcruncher are all 1.5-card combos. As is 2 Vernusylphs. Making an exceptionally consistent FTK - that uses the Earth Machine package, so if the FTK isn't possible, winning with Ruinforce or Juggernaut Liebe... sometimes is.

Which is also why it's able to do what SHS isn't, and run Vernusylphs and S/T. Only Prodigy Wakaushi's pendulum effect really cares about having no S/T in the GY, and people don't Maxx C until after that activates.

And in the worst case, keep in mind that Ballista -> Liebe doesn't require breaking your opponent's board. That's 8k right there.


THAT BEING SAID, as much as I love this deck, it's not something I'd recommend. Not because it's bad - it's not - but it's an extremely hard deck to learn, most games don't involve much interaction and back-and-forth, and the large majority of games come down to "Did you win the coinflip?". Much more than other decks.


I wish regular Earth Machine was better though. Boy does the regular Earth Machine gameplan not hold up to modern decks.

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SHS Prodigy Wakaushi no-normal-summoning 1.5 card FTK, which is what all other FTKs are based around:

See comments for other combos.