Fusion x Xyz Festival from on September 20th, 2023
cp-ur 1050 + cp-sr 630
50 cards

Notes & Combos

50-card going second deckbuild. Went 11-1 with it. Notes:

  • There was no decent 1st turn endboard without the Link HEROs help, IMO; therefore, I chose to go second and OTK.
  • Without the Links, I considered Denier, Dark Angel, and the second Dark Law not needed.
  • With the extra Extra space, Super-Poly targets seemed to be the way to go.
  • Two Increase because one always sticks to my hand.
  • I found monster-based endboards more troublesome than backrow, so I added only boardbreakers for monsters. Also, we have Acid.
  • Gameciel can make an Abs-Zero.
  • Cards I considered for removal (in order): D - Force, Dynatag, Nibiru, and Triple Tactics.
  • Cards I considered to add and test: Emergency Call, EN Shuffle, and Solid Soldier.
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