Duelist Cup Stage 2 Win Streaks from on March 26th, 2023
cp-ur 540 + cp-sr 510
40 cards

Notes & Combos

###### Sunavalon Start

  1. (Optional) Unexpected Dai
  2. Summon Loci
  3. Make Dryas
  4. Take Sowing
  5. Summon Twin
  6. Chain 1 Twin summon Loci from GY, Chain 2 Dryas to Healer/Trasher to play around Called by the grave
  7. Make Jasmine with Healer/Trasher and Dryas
  8. Make Dryas with Twin
  9. Make Healer with Loci
  10. Trigger Jasmine take Snowdrop
  11. Tribute Healer with Jasmine summon Petal
  12. Petal take Mudan
  13. Mudan tribute Petal take Konkon
  14. Jasmine + Dryas make Melias
  15. Summon Loci from GY to make Benghalancer
  16. Use Konkon take Glamour
  17. Glamour tribute Mudan take Primula and Princess
  18. Special Primula, special Princess
  19. Make Strenna
  20. Detach Princess, take Mudan
  21. Snowdrop tribute Strenna, summon both herself and Mudan
  22. Strenna trigger summon Sacred Beast and attach herself
  23. Snowdrop use effect on herself, make Teardrop in defense ###### Tips
  24. Beware that Primula only active on our own monster tribute
  25. If we already open Konkon or Glamour, we can make perfect combo by using Konkon to set Sheet when we already have Sacred Beast on field so we can attach 1 spell from GY and have Spell negate
  26. Keep Princess only 1 copy on GY so they can't Called by Princess
  27. Under Maxx C, we can just end as long as there's a Rikka on field and Princess in hand to have a monster negate, if we have Konkon we can also set Sheet so we have a tribute and steal, then we can tribute the monster we steal with Rikka to negate another monster
  28. Petal from GY can sometimes becomes a free body every enemy's end phase and can search +1
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