8-Axis Blind Second

Duelist Cup Stage 2 Win Streaks from on March 26th, 2023
cp-ur 1020 + cp-sr 360
41 cards

Notes & Combos

It takes a lot of trial and error to learn some of the combos if you haven't played 8-Axis before but once you've got it down you can either OTK through a full spright board or get rid of all their resources and end on double proc zeus / 2 synchro's turn 2.

You almost always want to go into either 2 synchros or Dingirsu>Spiders>Zeus depending on your hand and their board. Draglubion and TZV(The Zombie Vampire) are the harder ones to use. Draglubion is an OTK a fair amount of the time but if you get impermed/veilered that's it, no follow up, same with TZV. You should only use these cards if you absolutely need to and have no other outs.

One perk is this is a blind second deck so you never lose the coin toss! :) If you're forced to go first, just pass...

Some notes

Learning to bait negates is the most important thing, practice with it, do you need to kaiju the masquerana or the carrot? Can you bait carrot negate and save the kaiju for a trade-in? Things like that.

Dark Hole, Raigeki and Kaiju Slumber are your most important cards.

Don't underestimate the spiders, they are often just used as material for Zeus, but both their effects can be very handy. Pain Gainer pops any opponents monster(s) with 2200 or less DEF (3800 with another rank 8 on board), and 7 Sins can't be destroyed. When used this way Ding>Spiders it's pretty easy to just slide 4000 damge to their life points, then make a 4or5 mat (depending if you used Pain Gainer or not) Zeus.

The reasoning for 2 of TTT is that it's a hard once per turn (same with slumber), and I wanted to get the list close to 40 for better results, but had better luck with 41 d/t Gizmek needing 1 more card multiple times.

Ruddy Rose Dragon is a new addition and straight up won me games. Almost every good deck uses the GY for resource recursion, or is a pile GY deck; if you clear their field then Ruddy Rose while they have 1 card in hand, they are stuffed. Also makes Chengying even BIGGER.

One slept on combo is diva(x2) into: Double syncro(duh) or into m.cat reborn a monster like Ash or Max C with low atk, search another levl 8, and proceed with TZV (if 3 level 8s are avalable of field) >draglubion>OTK dragon. This way imperm is dead and it helps dig for 1 more leve 8.

Why downerd? for a quick diva> m.cat> downerd> zeus play. If the game hates you. Never really came up, but safe than sorry.

Side Note: My big steaks were mainly Sprite :)

Runick is tought :(

Too many resources to burn through.

Good Luck <3

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