Orcust Mekk-Knight

Diamond I from on November 17th, 2022
cp-ur 1110 + cp-sr 750
60 cards

Notes & Combos


This deck works bc it takes advantage of some really good cards that most decks can't use, and mashes it all together into one cohesive strategy. Urgent Schedule (MVP), Lib the World Chalice, Mekk-Knight Purple, Scrap Wyvern, Chaos Ruler, Dingirsu, etc. It can also play board breakers like Evenly Matched and Dark Ruler no More because we don't care if we OTK turn 2 or not. It can just break the board and set up multiple interruptions.

The main combo is through scrap wyvern. It brings out Golem and then loops recycler from GY multiple times to set us up with all our orcust pieces. Recycler will send World Wand to allow us to go into lib. Wyvern pops a card on opponents field while lib (non-targeting) shuffles one as well. We can set up an Apo after this to protect our orcust plays before we lock into darks. Also, side note* if urgent schedule was used to get to Wyvern, Wyvern eff will trigger Citadel in GY to summon itself, which also chain blocks Wyvern eff to summon out Golem.

The Mekk-knight and Psi-Reflector engines are supplementary to that main combo line, but they can win games on their own too when we don't draw any scrap stuff. These engines both don't use our normal summon, and put a lot of pressure on the opponent to use up that imperm or ash blossom they've got :)

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