Gunkan Suship

Diamond I from on January 31st, 2023
cp-ur 660 + cp-sr 510
40 cards

Notes & Combos

A pretty standard Adventure Suship build with a Mathmech engine to improve your turn 1 endboards. Swapped from Magikeys to Adventure because Adventure is better going second. I'm running 2 Ikura/Shirauo/Dai/TTT because you dont want to open multiples copies of any of them. A Synchro 8 is used to clear your own Mathmechs if you can't make UDF and I found Omega to be the best one in this meta. Vespenato can be put on top of Dugares after using its effect which is sometimes necessary to OTK, or you can just put it on top of any rank 4 to ensure you dont get OTK'd yourself. The Gaia XYZ you put on top of the Uni XYZ after attacking directly with it to make a 4 mat Zeus. Bagooska sometimes comes up, but I didn't find the space to run it.

The Mathmech combo: Any 2 lv 4s into Alembertian, Alembertian search Circular, Circular send Nabla to GY to special summon itself, Alembertian tribute itself to revive Nabla, Circular search Superfactorial, Nabla tribute itself to summon Diameter from deck. You can then either Synchro into Omega or XYZ into Vepartu to make UDF.

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