8-Axis Blind Second

Diamond I from on January 29th, 2023
cp-ur 930 + cp-sr 450
40 cards

Notes & Combos

If you are tired of losing the coin toss and losing to a board with 5 negates then this deck is for you. You always want to go second so technically you win the coin toss every game.

Kaijus will out Marincess, Arrival @Ignister and other such cards. Denko Sekka is amazing against Dinomorphia, Labrynth and any backrow based deck. Works well against Mathmechs too since it stops Superfactorial. If you get Maxx C'd you will have to yolo and try to finish the duel which is why we play 2x Ash and 1 CBTG. CBTG helps in other situations like being hit by a Veiler. You can swap Nibiru out for some other staples that you prefer but I was getting tired of watching 20 summons every game so I decided to add it. The Extra Deck could be a lot better if you have the UR CP for it but this was more than enough to win me games without feeling like I missed out on any important card.

ID: 192-645-921

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