Dark Magician

Win Streaks from on September 19th, 2023
cp-ur 630 + cp-sr 240
40 cards

Notes & Combos

I am not good at clearly sharing my thought process so I decided to share my Player ID and my replays to give an idea on playing Dark Magician in today's meta (Sorry for the inconvience). If you are struggling with climbing the ladder, don't give up and try asking advice in the Dark Magician channel by joining the Masterduelmeta discord!

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Player ID : 398-045-987

Disclaimer* These replays are in D2, not D1 because these replays show the most interaction between the Meta and Dark Magician (aka the most turns)I will update Public Replays once I reach Master Rank 1 (hopefully)

Replay 1:2023 Sep 16 18;37:30 (vs Purrely) Replay 2:2023 Sep 16 18;23:47 (vs Labrynth) Replay 3:2023 Sep 16 17;27:36 (vs Spright)