8-Axis Blind Second

Win Streaks from on November 26th, 2022
cp-ur 1380 + cp-sr 540
60 cards

Author Notes

This is deck works best going second. By tributing and breaking your opponents board using a number of cards : Kaijus, LG, spells and then setup a card 5 Zeus or OTK with #100. There are a lot of synchro plays specially going from infinity doom into tenyi to get an additional attack or Sigma via Floww players.

You can also go mirror jade either with Branded fusion in hand ( note it locks you into fusion monsters) or using anaconda depending on the matchup.

I have tried a number of decks and this has by far been the most consistent in the current MD meta. Easy P1 but high UR cost.

I have went back and forth between 3 x Triple tactics and take out Sekka, Armageddon knight and mausoleum of the emperor if you want more draw power vs hand traps. But those three cards can really save you when you have a dead hand.

Armageddon knight has been really Impactful one card mirrorjade using anaconda but also a great non tuner target for synchro route or just to bring out Gizmek.

Extra deck can be optimized. Zombie vampire or sky prison can be clutch in some games.