WCS 2023 Qualifiers DLv. Max from on May 28th, 2023
cp-ur 780 + cp-sr 690
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Pretty standard list. Some thoughts:

  • Mag because she is cutest Madolche. She also makes making Giant Hand/Dweller a lot easier with Verns.
  • 3 Ash because I hate Maxx C.
  • Thought the Evenly Matches would be more satisfying, but they were just okay as many Tear players now search Cryme. I cut one because it felt bad drawing it going first, and this deck still wants to go first.
  • I usually make Giant Hand over Dweller blind and just let Glass + Shufflers deal with Tears.
  • I never made Naturia Beast, but he's there if I somehow have the miracle Vern hand to get both Maxx C and Belle on the field before Peting-lock.
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