Synchro x Link Festival from on February 23rd, 2024
cp-ur 1050 + cp-sr 450
41 cards

Notes & Combos

Just a pretty vanilla blind second charmer list.

Magicians' Souls package feels like a typical include for me, but I was never huge fan of it and the DARK attribute + possible Anima use cases haven't been that relevant for this festival in my experience.

Instead I'm running a Rescue-ACE package as an additional draw engine. I've never been happier that an opponent's Chixiao can only use one of its effects per turn. 🤣 There's some conflicts between Impulse, Gamma, and Lightning Storm, but between the various discard outlets (Droplet, Spirit Charmers, Fire Attacker) it hasn't felt too bad so far.

41 main deck count because I think it's funny. Pankratops has been kind of mid in light of the above conflicts, so that would be my cut if I had to make things a nice round number.

I'm running Fire Princess stuff in the ED since it seems like a nice alternative link climb in addition to SeleneAccesscode especially since FIREs are pretty common to encounter on the opposing side. The R-ACE package being FIRE is nice here too.

Zealantis is probably superfluous since it's hard to consistently get much more material than a link-4 on field to really be a valid OTK line. But it's funny when it works, so I'm keeping it in.

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