Monster Type Festival from on July 31st, 2023
cp-ur 330 + cp-sr 690
42 cards

Notes & Combos

Stole what Kammy had and made some slight changes.

It seems alright overall. I'm sure I've been misplaying, as this is my first time playing the deck. Reasoning is neat to get the s/ts in the gy.. however, I keep getting a monster hit after like 1-3 mills. Avarice is fine until you run into IDP or can't get going since you didn't open the right Unchained monsters.

I did want to climb with The First Darklord, but the deck I built didn't really do anything much other than get him out.. and everyone seemed to be able to deal with him.. so I pivoted to this to have an easier time in the event.

If I had a second Reboot I would probably be running it, however, I don't want to craft one as I don't have plans to use it elsewhere.

Still haven't had a chance to go into any link 4+s. Not sold on the Twin Twisters either. Cosmic is probably just better to remove Welcome cards from rotation or to deal with Runick (which I haven't seen yet). The logic was to pop your own s/t to trigger them as well.

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