Master V from on September 21st, 2023
cp-ur 690 + cp-sr 450
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Mekk Knights are a very fun going second deck that play around columns. It differs from most other going second strategies in that it does not focus on the T2 OTK like decks such as Numeron, Crusadia and Rank 8 Axis do. Instead the deck plays mid range having the ability to control the board with your World Legacy spells and Traps after breaking your opponents board with cards like Lib the World Key Blademaster and Dingirsu the Orcust of the Evening Star.

The skill ceiling of this deck is high and each game feels different and engaging. With Girsu now at 3 in Masterduel it's a great time to pick up the deck. With that being said I highly recommend joining the Mekk Knight discord, it's filled with much better players than me and will accelerate your learning process.

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