Master V from on November 21st, 2023
cp-ur 960 + cp-sr 690
60 cards

Notes & Combos

Kashs offer pressure, easy Plusses, Small World Synergy (banish mats, bridges and searchability), basic interruption into Maxx Cs and new combo Lines by making Masterplan a NS. Kurikara, Droll, Gadarla and Pankratops are the small world bridges that can make anything into everything while being strong sw targets as well. Thx to the added kashs and the second drone you dont need any dangers to fully utilize sw. The loss in consistency gets compensated by jack in the hand being souls or fix guaranteed. The now common "Draw Phase Maxx C" makes Gamma valid again. Regarding Combo, everythings freestyle, take hands as they come and build board dependent on the Matchup. Curious -> Gryphon into Aoi+IB and your sleeper are the only consistently wanted payoffs, everything else depends on the opener, potential souls draws and saryuja the GOAT.

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