Master V from on May 16th, 2024
cp-ur 840 + cp-sr 330
42 cards

Notes & Combos

My climb was effortless like reached master above %70 win rate with huge win streaks. (I won 12 of my last 13 games). And I guess being M1 would not be that hard if I had enough time to play MD.

This season's star is definitely S:P Little Knight, used rage's effect to summon it (I was summoning anguish before s:p that does nothing) and that increases this deck's power level significantly.

For me this deck's biggest counter is Maxx C and Nibiru (especially when used just before summoning Caesar), in other cases nothing actually stopped me when going first. A full board containing Rage, Caesar and Escape of the Unchained set is just unstoppable.

To increase consistency and set this deck to 40 cards, I would remove Rivalry and 1 Thrust.

In extra deck I have never needed to use Gryphon, Accesscode and Muckraker.

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I have 5 replays for this season you can check on my profile.