Master V from on May 16th, 2024
cp-ur 960 + cp-sr 630
60 cards

Notes & Combos

This deck is insanely OP, Going first is based on taking a lot of cards out of your deck, then making saryuja with increased chances to draw cards like solemn/imper/droplet/cbtg, everything you can set is useful, a breakdown for some of the questionable decisions, the explanations are based in my POV, Im wrong in many aspects, I just want to let you know what is inside my brain If you wondering what is going on in this list or you want to give it a try. The difficulty of this deck is very high you need to Master this deck to don't timeout or mess up yourself, it requires you to play blazingly fast and precise to be good, this is only for advanced players, but the reward is insane, ending in boards that are FTK without being FTK, (SOFT FTK) :) :

0x Maxx C: Why I don't run maxx c? EZ spyral is not a heavy handtrap deck, there is no much room, maxx c going first is bad in this deck, and when going second I feel is not even worth it since this game is bo1 with random **** on ladder, and most of the time you throw this, it get ashed or called by, without saying is gonna trigger thrust or talents if you opp plays it. Maxx C is a god card, YES! absolutely, but its value in spyral is not good. Cutting this card allows me to have more room for cards like talents and thrust

0x Ash Blossom: this is another questionable decision,I don't play this card,because I HATE THE FU*** MAXX C MINIGAME instead I prefer cutting this card and having more room for other cards like Sauravis and Red reboot. Most of the duels I get maxxced going first I manage to survive til turn 3 and winning the duel.

2x Sauravis: such a godlike card in these days, target protection is insane with the imperm and veilers around, also against any other effect that targets your monsters

1x Double Summon: many times the perfect extender

2x Chicken Game: Awesome for card advantage since you draw with him and souls sending him is already +1, also is a send to gy material

1x Silvera: plan b against maxx c also endboard piece sometimes

2x Red Reboot: beats imper, evenly, OP going2nd against backrow decks, underated card, REALLY OP.

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