Abyss Actor

Master I from on September 6th, 2023
cp-ur 750 + cp-sr 630
45 cards

Notes & Combos

I've reached M1 on september 5th and posted on Korean online community because I'm Korean, but I found that the other abyss actor gamer(and we met on M2 rank game) posted on meta, so I decided to post my deck here too. Hello my global friends lol.

This is going second deck, so it contains many blind second cards.

Picked all main low level monsters 3cards for main combo starting with two cards, one sassy rookie for preventing abyss actor monsters from destroy effect. Picked high level monsters 2cards because it is danger getting them more than two in hands. 3 director 2 producer is necessary. linguriboh for lblee. Dharc and underworld goddess is useful sometimes.

45 cards to decrease a chance of getting abysstainment and field on hand. picked bystials for tear, lab, and mathmech, but it only worked against mathmech in real game so you can change or remove them. 2 dark hole and 1 raigeki because dark hole is SR. you may change the number of cards. Triple tactics is an awsome card, but I picked only one because it became weak when I get two of them in hands.

Here's the record of last 20 games :

Win 13(4 spr 3 d link 2 lab 1 vaylantz 1 branded tear 1 exo 1 runick) lose 7(3 lab 2 tear 1 exo 1 mathmech)

As you can see(+ in my opinion), this deck is strong against spright and d link, weak against lab and tear. So don't try hard to beat lab, just take the game only with red reboot in your hands(you may win if you solved both maxx C and lady lab, but it's difficult because you can use ash just once per turn). Do not afraid of Maxx C. You may give the opponent 4-6 cards(1 director 1 director's effect 1 producer 1 pendulum summon + add 1 for each extra and curtain), but you can prevent nibiru or bystial with fantastic theater one time.

It has been three months since new abyss actor support released on MD, but still lot of gamer doesn't know how it works. And I think that's one of the reason I've reached M1. You may enjoy the information imbalance and deck itself. Good luck!

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118-486-608 check the replays of six games after september.