Master I from on May 25th, 2024
cp-ur 1380 + cp-sr 480
60 cards

Notes & Combos

This has to be by far the most unhinged list i've cooked up, a maddening climb to be honest but tons of fun.

It's a pile of cards, combining Tearlaments, Ogdoadic, Horus and Therion and what we are trying to do here is spam the board for Rank 4's and 8's.

The biggest challenge with this deck was figuring out the Extra Deck, I have been through so many iterations from Numeron Dragon to Arc Rebellion as OTK options of choice but have ultimately landed on Borrelsword Dragon because it gives the most space for Extra Deck slots. Numeron Dragon requires Draglubion and Hope Harbinger still in the Extra Deck to attach to it. Arc Rebellion is itself and Raider's Knight but Borrelsword is purely just 1 card than you can easily get to from Special Summon spamming and it can enable tons of damage by just targetting your own XYZ that have already attacked for maximum damage. I felt like I desperately needed the space in the Extra so I liked Borrelsword the best.

We got plenty of powerful traps and many ways to enable discards namely Horus cards and Snake Rain to get multipule engines coming online simultaneously. You can enter your Therion stuff by Rank 8's into Sargas and searching Alasia with King of the Feral Imps. By the way, the Discolosseum is the best field spell to leave up, it has relevant battle tricks that everyone forgets about in my experience, great for grinding out games.

Thrust is the MVP, absolutely run 3 with the amount of disgusting power spells we can search off it. We require a blowout trap search in case our turn 1 is stopped by Maxx C, so I am using Artifact Sanctum and Scythe to halt most decks from doing much because we arent running many handtraps ourselves. You can also sit on Tornado Dragon if you happen to hard draw Scythe, or you can return it to the deck with the shufflers, Daigusto Emeral or the Horus field spell as Sanctum must summon from deck.

Basically the deck is gas, gas and more gas. Some of the Snake Rain targets tldrs:

Amunessia: turn dead bodies that have triggered their effects into an 8 (Feral Imps or Tear Kash for example)

Vanguard: Triggers off ANY send including opponents hand traps for a free level 8 body. Or your own stuff like Schieren and Imsety

Keurse: Summon target is Nauya for Ogdoadic Water Lily search as well as produce an 8 and a 4 for you to use.

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Im working on compiling more replays as soon as I get the chance so if there's not much now then check back later!


Also you can choose to play Forbidden Droplet which is probably more sensible, i'd cut shufflers (as much as it pains me) and Amunessia or Vanguard to do so.

And Springans Merrymaker is a choice if you wanted to convert Rank 4's into Sargas access. Not hugely necessary though, I find the Rank 8 spam is easier to produce than 4's anyway.