Fusion x Link Festival from on May 20th, 2024
cp-ur 300 + cp-sr 480
40 cards

Notes & Combos

@ignister? but i barely know 'em. he's basically a stranger to me

bless up to RNGesus for letting me win coin flip as many times as it did grinding this event 🙏🏾

a hybrid between @ignister and mathmech decks meant to supplement each other's shortcomings, namely what turn you're forced to start on

pour one out for our bad ***** circular fr fr 😔

without XYZs, Pegasus, and circular, everything is a lot more fragile but you can usually power through most cooks

if you get to go first, do everything in your power to get to arrival obviously. if you get ash'd or imperm'd before you can even start to cook, pray you have extenders or Talents (which you could run two of instead of one of the boardbreakers) very often had to just find my way to heatsoul and pray for nib

going second, depending on gas and what kind of deck they're playing, push through till you get to the tried and true Terahertz OTK on any atk position monster. or if you know they can't swing over, sit on arrival with danmari in GY for followup cleanup with Accesscode

didn't have the space and CP to accomodate the additional firewall ED monsters though they would most defintely make your cook even more monstrous and oppressive.... until evenly ofc...

almiraj hasn't come up once yet and could be switched with the Desavewurm, but i pulled two arrivals from that selection pack instead 😞 and never crafted it after

link spider for Big Rock™ things but i only got hit with it once where it actually mattered...

Happy Link Climbing :3

(ur opponent usually scoops on achichi normal if they dont have a response so it goes kinda fast😙)

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