Gladiator Beast Tri-Brigade

Duelist Cup Stage 2 Win Streaks from on March 26th, 2023
cp-ur 870 + cp-sr 450
45 cards

Notes & Combos

Gladiator Beast WANTS to go second because we can trigger their effects to summon from deck.

Going first glads can't do lot, with tri-brigade stuff they can put masq+tri-brigade link 2 ------> undestructable avramax

i do not play maxx c because people play like 10 cards just to counter it, plus i do not want to draw gladiator beasts because they are kinda garnets i also play lot of going second cards and board breakers to defeat spright(they are everywhere TrollDespair )

best turn 1 is to summon Dragass(glad link 2) with tri-brigade stuff or rescue cat(you summon tri brigade kit- link it to IP or tri brigade link 2, then search kerass to summon it), than using tri brigade effect to banish 2 monsters you summon dragass(funny enough yea, you can summon it with tri-brigade stuff)

ID: 269-735-412

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  • i have replayes saved on my profile :)
  • it shows what can glads do at the best
  • if you have any questions ask at discord because i do not get any notifications from MDM