Diamond V from on May 31st, 2023
cp-ur 1170 + cp-sr 570
60 cards

Notes & Combos

I should've stopped at plat one but it's been a while since i'm having fun with new deck so yeah might as well. Make this account on 28th, and can't really make it into diamond 1 ( already hit dia 1 in main account using boring stuff like tear, might as well not post it xD )

List are exactly the same as 决斗恶徒 (player name). I change a little bit on ED like running 2 buriebu, really good cards, cutting auroradon to 1 since you rarely need 2 auroradon. If you can find some slot, adding Diablosis might be good.

Gizmek are cool, usually to bait negate but sometimes people don't read so, there are case when you need it but it's fine to cut it.

Now, as combo deck and pile deck, one maxx c and you're probably dead. Honestly I lost more bcs of going second or maxx c'ed rather than losing against the deck itelf.

For combo line, you can check smug post, pretty much the same.

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Only have 1 replays, against tearlaments, not really good honestly, might add more in the future.