Diamond V from on December 28th, 2022
cp-ur 810 + cp-sr 720
47 cards

Notes & Combos

To sum up, you use helix and super agent to summon isolde and trigger her second effect to: 1. send smoke grenade to graveyard, 2. summon gainer to use it along with master plan to summon omega and banish a random card from your opponent´s hand. Next step would be curious, but it´s quite important to make sure you have gainer in field and sleeper in hand just in case they get milled. With curious, you send plaguespreader to graveyard and trigger it´s effect to return a potential garnet to deck and summon it. Again, use it as synchro material with master plan to summon charles. At this point, if everything goes well, you should have apollousa and gryphon. To end the turn, summon sleeper and charles (making sure they are linked, don´t forget it) and, during the end phase, equip smoke grenade to charles to send a chosen card from your opponent´s hand to graveyard. Finally, underworld goddess is quite flex. You can change her for savage dragon (in case you prefer the negate) or for those games where you resolve gamma. Union carrier and sword lock are an option too.

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