Virtual World

Diamond I from on October 31st, 2022
cp-ur 720 + cp-sr 360
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Virtual World has been forgotten since VFD got banned. But this deck is actually really fun to play without VFD. Adventure engine has help this deck a lot. The main play of this deck is to summon beatrice, dump water enchantress and then start the adventure and synchro combo. The best and ideal end board of this deck is Baronne + Beatrice (Dump snow on opponent turn) + Chengying + Shenshen, backed up by live chuche. Although often time I can't setup those board because it need super good hand and no interuption from enemy, but usually Snow + Baronne and Chuche is enough to secure the game.

This deck feels good to play because all the interruption located in different location. They droplet you? You still have chuche and snow. They clear your board? You still have Snow. Not to mention Chuche and Nyannyan can recycle card that banished by Snow. This deck is also really good at breaking board because of Kauwloon into Chuche or Qinglong. Final Sigma is MVP against Floo and sometimes can be an out for niche situation like Bagooska.

I forgot to save the replay when I setup the best board since it rarely happen, but here is some of the replay where this deck break board and grind to win

Player id: 757-190-985

  • Replay1: vs Eldlich (My hand is bad)

  • Replay2: vs Live twin (got nibirued)

  • Replay3: Breaking full Floo board with suboptimal hand

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