8-Axis Blind Second

Diamond I from on November 24th, 2022

Author Notes

The title 2022 Master Duelist is too attractive for me so I have decided to climb to the top rank again.

  1. Gadarla is a must have against Floo.
  2. Summon Dingirsu (can send one card) -> Pain Gainer (detach to destroy opponent's monster) -> Sevens Sins can make 4/5 mats Zeus.
  3. Zoodiac is one card 6 mat Zeus and free 4k ATK for Numeron Dragon (which allows you to OTK more easily). If you have 3 on hards you can even make 8 mats Zeus!
  4. Use Sauge de Fluer to target Prank then tribute Prank will allow you to destroy 2 cards and go +1.
  5. Lighting Storm is a must against many decks especially Branded and Floo.
  6. I dropped the Mekk-Knight engine mainly because the banish cost of Gizmek hurt the engines a lot, you can also replace Limit Dragon/Astral for Danger (since discarding Gizmek from hand is not an actual -1), but I am not a fan of RNG.
  7. Black Luster Soldier rarely comes out nowadays, but is a good extra deck for Mind Control target, an alternative is Scareclaw Tri-Heart.
  8. If you have 3 level 8 and can't OTK, you can opt to summon Zombie Vampire and hope that you manage to mill a summonable level 8, with that you can summon Numeron Dragon with 17k ATK to OTK.
  9. Mind Control/TTT is good as most branded cards have effects when leaving the field, but it won't trigger if they leave as XYZ material or under your control.

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