WCS 2023 Qualifiers DLv. Max from on May 26th, 2023
cp-ur 570 + cp-sr 720
50 cards

Notes & Combos

Rikka Therion but using Rose cards instead of the Sunavalon engine. Why? Because Dancepione is a really fun card for plant decks, and there's more space for utility monsters in the extra deck instead of fodder for link climbing.

This deck is less linear than the usual Sunavalon builds, but typically produces similar end boards going first (some combination of Hyperyton, Regulus, Benghalancer, Strenna/Teardrop, Konkon, Sheet). Going second you have the option of Orea bounces or Alsei spin, provided you can get to and tribute Strenna. Queen of the Night is another Strenna target for forcing/locking a set card.

General gameplan is to get Lily Borea on field as soon as possible to either bait out negation, or get you to Regulus for protection while you go into Dancepione/Jasmine and then go down Rikka lines. It's important to remember than anything summoned by Dancepione can't be used as link material (tribute them off with other effects if you aren't making an Xyz play), and you can also summon different monsters to her arrows for the level modulation effect.

50 cards since the deck runs some garnets and cards like Evil Thorn that you don't want to see multiples of. It's also important to keep the plant ratios decent for Dancepione. There aren't enough decent plants to take the deck count up to 60. No Roach because the board breakers are more useful. Still need Ash/Called By The Grave to block the opponent's Roach.

Only card that feels a bit iffy is Ingunar. It's there for extension or occasionally to enable Konkon tributing an opponent's monster with Glamour while also getting Mudan for Sheet. Circle of the Fairies could be a second Jasmine, Dryas, or copy of Periallis - none of them really come up often.

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