Theme Chronicle from on January 22nd, 2023
cp-ur 600 + cp-sr 360
41 cards

Notes & Combos

Surprisingly not bad deck.

Was able to summon Avramax on turn one, but usually went for Aromaseraphy Jasmine and Sweet Majoram to disrupt Crusadia play.

Best combo is when you have one Lone Fire Blossom or Evil Thorn and one healing card. Would be better if you start with either Jasmine or Laurel in your hand. Use Evil Thorn to summon the other 2 in the deck, then summon Aromaseraphy Jasmine, then heal to trigger her effect to choose one plant card. It will most likely be Laurel because you can special summon it, and make sure you summon it where Jasmine is pointing so that you can trigger another effect of Jasmine to tribute the pointed card to special summon any plant monster in your deck. I usually go for Lone Fire Blossom to thin out my deck, but if there is specific Aromage card your want to activate, go straight to Aromage monster so that the Laurel GY effect can trigger the effect of the aromage monster. If you have Angelica, you can use her in hand to send it to graveyard, and the special summon it. Then, you can Synchro summon using her and any other monster on the field. Or, you can make another Aromaseraphy Jasmine so that you can special summon Avrama.

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