/Assault Mode

Synchro Festival from on June 20th, 2023
cp-ur 570 + cp-sr 390
40 cards

Notes & Combos

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You'd think a deck running literally 8 Garnetts would brick a lot, but this deck has been rather consistent for me. It tends to brick every 3-4 games, and when it does it is completely unplayable. But when it opens well setting up Omni-Negates + Floodgates like Nat Beast comes pretty naturally for the deck.

If you are considering building this for non-synchro event I woudld recommend removing the /Assault Mode filler cards (Halbert Cannon/Reboot/Teleport/consider counter) as these are often simply win-more fun cards that sometimes unbrick your hand or help you set up additional omni negates.

My profile replays are currently full and I haven't added any of this deck yet, but I hope to soon filter out a few of my previous Watt/Kozmo/Superheavy/Alien Diamond 1 gameplay duels and replace them with future decks. I might dedicate this space to (hopefully) some fun/interesting rogue Master 1 decks.

I will drop a couple combos below of DB replays, note these are narrated but I just went with the first 2 hands I was given. The 2nd demonstrates a pretty bricked up hand but ends on a recurrent floating Omni-Negate + Floodgate.

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