Despia Darklord

Monster Type Festival from on July 21st, 2023
cp-ur 450 + cp-sr 600
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Very few cards are as satisfying to summon as The First Darklord (TFD) using Morningstar as one of the materials. I love this dude so much.

The XYZ cards can be replaced with anything else as well as the links. If you have more Quaeritis and Masquerades feel free to use 'em. Two TFD is my sweet spot but one shall suffice if you only have one.

The one Forbidden Droplet is there just in case you have Condemned Witch ready to normal summon to get Aurora Paragon ready on your opponent's turn after they normal summon their own monster; also Droplet works wonders against those pesky Timelords (toggle On and activate it at the start of the damage step!)

Lab is the toughest matchup probably for 95% of the decks in this event and this is true for this deck as well. You can add more backrow hate if you want to instead of Raigeki (I just love Raigeki) and maybe Nergal. It's important to have as many Fairies as possible to get to TFD as fast as you can.

The traps come up very rarely but my favourite combo thus far was using The Sanctified Darklord twice by activating Ixchel's effect and popping two cards. This is why having TFD online is important to keep recycling Darklords, and if you're running low on LP you could try to get Condemned Darklord on the board for her last effect.

A second Superbia would be a luxury spot but if you can, go ahead. More UR consistency is key but it's fairy simple to finish this event.

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