Monster Type Festival: King of the Island from on September 18th, 2023
cp-ur 540 + cp-sr 360
40 cards

Notes & Combos

All the birds you can for the main deck. Added 1 kinka-byo since it's searchable with Shuraig as well as it's not too bad if you draw it as it's a free xyz usually. Only run one because it's kind of bricky otherwise. Slower Swallow special summons itself. Useful for stacking a bigger bird.

Only running Kerass due to Nervall being banned. Is a special summon while sending a card to the graveyard (Useful for Beryl as well as sending down wagtail). Good to get Oath or Ferrijit out for free. Can be a free Shuraig in long matches.

Zoos are there to fill in space. Can make Drident or use Chakanine to make Ferrijit.

Only running one of each Lyrilusc spell/trap as they aren't bad targets for Wagtail in certain situations and it's usually not too bad drawing 1. Would never want to draw 2. Where arf thou is to replace Bird call being locked to one and is a generic level 1 searcher. Sanctuary useful for combining birds when needed.

Ferrijit is great for getting a wagtail/Cobalt special summon. Can also be used to special summon Turquoise for a gy summon.

Shuraig is a good spot banish for other Assembleds during the ditto. Also useful all round.

Didn't get much use out of Bujinki or Doom Eagle. May be worth replacing bujinki with a 2nd ferrijit or another Assembled/Shuraig for extra long matches.

Usually would choose going second but if picked first would just try to get set up for next turn with recitals then make an Assembled and pass. Ensemblue if full combo. If under maxx c Assembled pass unless it's turn 2+.

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