8-Axis Blind Second

Master V from on September 30th, 2023
cp-ur 900 + cp-sr 420
40 cards

Notes & Combos

First time playing since taking a break due to Tear. I kept tweaking this list from Rookie to up through early Diamond and I finally made it to Master V.

For starters, I really like running the Sekka's Light 38 mons/2 spells setup because I find that two 8's in the hand with something like Lightning Storm isn't enough to go for the kill in this meta. Having lots of monsters lets you play through a lot more, and Sekka's Light adds to that even more. Because of monster density I'm also able to frequently go Kaiju into 2 8s -> make Photon Lord -> 2 more 8s -> 17k Numeron, and it's a play that you can frequently do over Maxx due to inherent summons and the fact that only out is to have Veiler AND Nib in the hand.

I've also found that when you win the coin toss and choose to go second, a lot of people just pass. At first I was running more handtraps and less 8's, but the extra Dangers, Fenrir, and this handtrap selection plays into this tendency (as do the Mikanko card protectors tbh).

Some more specific things. I only have 2 bugs because I just assume they'll be negated, but I picked them over something like Ash or Gamma because again, if they even are allowed to resolve, they'll just be played through. Maxx occasionally does go off, and it stops turn 1 while giving you more plays (obviously). Shifter and Droll are harder to stop and tend to be especially turn-ruining, and Droll can also be used on your turn, and in a lot of situations your few draws (such as off the Dangers) will let you shut off a turn 2 Maxx "C" mid-combo.

Denko Sekka wins games. It lets you go for game more consistently. It stops Imperm and floodgates. Lab has to out it immediatly or lose. I was initially running the 5 normal summons but I found Luna to be clogging my hands, and Fenrir serves a very similar purpose, though Sekka and Fenrir together in the hand makes openings tougher to decide with Lab running around. I found myself trying to bait with Fenrir to start, and if nothing is done, play Sekka, and the best third step is to use Sauge for targeted removal to turn Fen into an 8 for your shenanigans.

As for the extra deck, I never had a change to use Big Eye, but everything else came into play. Because I don't have any tuner HTs, and because of Unicorn, I just doubled up on the OTK. You could drop Cook, but even though you know it's going to get turned into the white lady, I found it does let you see turn 4 more often than not. Zombie Vampire is also highly situational.

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869-924-950 for some nice replays during the climb.