Master V from on May 16th, 2024
cp-ur 870 + cp-sr 300
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Unicorn? Don't know him, S:P is my only friend. Really interesting climb, I started the season with resonators, got to Diamond 1 then back to 5 and from then I just unchained my way to Masters. A lot easier than the previous season because I saw a lot more snake eyes. If you know when to use your HTs and have a good enough starting combo, you should break their boards or stablish a good enough yourself. Salamangreat was a menace for me this climb, but Maxx C for the win I guess.

About the deck, is really simple and standard. S:P helps a lot, you can make her with Soul of Rage and if you have the resources, you should run 2 S:P and 1 anguish. Also you can swap I:P with Darc or another copy of King Caesar.

THE AMOUNT OF TIMES I opened Shyama and Vice King it's ridiculous, I almost felt it was some bug or something. Still, I wouldn't cut the Vice King package, is just too good of an interaction.

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ID: 770-362-920

A really interesting replay against Kash Snake eyes, I knew opponent had a Handtrap and tried to baited it out, finished the turn with a very good setup, I screwed up the Soul follow up in the next turn bc I forgot of Sharvara restriction lol. I won thanks to Unchained resource loop.