Master V from on May 22nd, 2024
cp-ur 810 + cp-sr 120
40 cards

Notes & Combos

This climb to Master was very difficult. Opponent had answers to my handtraps no matter what i did. so i decided to switch back to Gamma: Before i was testing out called by in the list but it kept getting in the way of my SHS plays and not being able to banish it like my other spells, Gamma saved me more times then i can count and i love it.

This list was pretty similar to last season's build but i cut it to 40c due to bricking and i added in more combo lines:

For turn one i like to go into my usual combo with the Regulus genius line plus ripping 2 cards from opponent's hand with omega, ending on: Baronne, Chixaio, Dis Pater, Regulus, and sometimes Protos with a handtrap in hand.

Hopefully to be getting M1 with this list before the season ends.

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