Master V from on May 17th, 2024
cp-ur 1350 + cp-sr 510
60 cards

Notes & Combos

Was inspired by the 50 card Zarc decks and looking at Arias T1 possible plays intriged me. I don't really like the counter trap playstyle of Morbs so I decided to try it with a Marrela + Rollback package instead.

I also discovered a cringe combo line that dies to every hand trap while fiddling around with Arias. Interesting for converting some hands with a lot of non engine into engine though.

Can turn some hand trap/called by hands into Laggia + Therizia + beatrice at 2000 lp while rotating Diplos and Therezia with Oviraptor.

T1 Domain Access into Beatrice. Detatch Misc. Misc banish everything but Therezia. Ovi special summon + Normal summon Diplos. Dump Frenzy/Brute/Domain. Pop Diplos, Banish Trap Trick/Morbia Trap. Summon Therizia and Ketregina. Set intact. Trap Trick with Rollback setup and/or Frenzy in gy. You can draw any lv 4 Normal summon before this and it works too.

If you draw Misc/Ovi/Dig, you can go R4 and R6 early or without going into Beatrice for it. Tears can fetch a normal trap with Diplos after 2 Domains in this variation of the line. This is super meme though and you should definitely swap with better non engine.

Diplos can also be a starter for the beatrice line with goods/marrella. You need actually need the 6th name or else you run out of names for frenzy.

Most of the time you'd just go for setting up Lady or set pass since this isn't consistant to draw and weak to hand traps.

Messed around with a lot of random stuff like Bystials for more 6's, Different Dimension Ground and even Artifact Sanctum + Scythe. There's probably an incredibly cursed Dagda + Tornado Dragon or IP/Azelea line too.

The latter was kinda solid because you have so many Ash baits, Arias + Sanctum access is another turn stopper and Intact + Scythe vs a lot of decks can ftk but you have to play without evenly otherwise there will be too many going first bricks.

Muckracker, Accel Stardust, Baronne all are things that I wish I had at times. Baronne has a cool play you can do if you get Gamma + Lady and lv 4 dark with Driver or you can just lamda after bounce. Also the 3rd Rex would be nice already running the bare minimum of names in the ED as is.

More of a fun proof of concept, the standard counter trap lineup with low deck count is definitely more competitive.

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