Earth Machine

Master V from on July 10th, 2024
cp-ur 660 + cp-sr 450
45 cards

Notes & Combos

Yoooo it's me Normalclanky again, well just a normal earth machine duelist yea I lost my account again so this one is new one. well just comeback 3-4 days ago and I spent like 20 hours to get here(platinum-master cause I haven't play for long time so it took few hours to get diamond). Keep in mind this deck required smart move or strategy so bad. Honestly I can't tell which the right move. It's depend on opponent's end board. Also try bait them before the right combo is. I suggested save infinitrack harvester for combo, and most time Machina Redeloyment for bait or combo. Oh one more, you need to remember every other meta deck chokepoint tho.

If you need any question just ask me I don't mind at all, about combo line or how to solves some ironic situlation like draw box or upclapse hahaha. Well, this deck I should say it's hard to learn but also fun to against meta.

Lol I got like 15 streaks in platinum and my highest streaks in diamond is 10. Not meant to flex but I just want to say this deck is amazing :D.

Oh also few interested replay I got. ID:864-136-415

Note: You can change handtraps ratios. This deck isn't good to fit 999999 handtraps. So feel free to change, I think this one is fine

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