Master V from on April 3rd, 2024
cp-ur 1200 + cp-sr 300
45 cards

Notes & Combos

Thanks to Lawa and other helpers for the deck concept & combo guide.

This is what is coined as "SELL" (Snake-Eye Lyrilusc). There is another variant called Bird-Eyes, which is an actual LL deck that uses Tri-Brigade and Snake-Eye cards as engine. They have different game plans.

Before selling you the deck, let me just say that this deck plays less smooth than Bird Eyes or pure Snake-Eyes. Some combos are unintuitive and/or dependent on your opponent. Droll is also now lethal against this build. The greatest enemy is our own Promethean Princess, because the FIRE lock matters here.

But what can I say? The deck still works most of the time. Yes this deck yields worse hand quality sometimes, but there are quite a few games that were unwinnable with pure Snake-Eyes, which became possible to win here.

This is a combo deck. This deck does not grind well against most mid-range or control engines, so we are looking to end games on turn 2. Luckily LL provides a straight-forward way to end the game going second, and by going 1st we can yield more interruptions than pure Snake-Eyes with 1 Ash, if uninterrupted. There is always plan B if you open TTThrust with a bird. (Feather Storm is fun and healthy :))

Friend Code: 082-110-645

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There are quite a few replays public on my account but be warned that most are not related to this deck specifically. Still, I typically only post somewhat crazy ones so do check it out.