Master I from on October 26th, 2023
cp-ur 930 + cp-sr 300
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Finally. Only had to wait until the end of the month for the games to become more winnable. You can refer to my Master 5 and Dlv Max lists for more details and my thoughts on card choices.

I think it took over 100 games from Master V all the way to Master I, with some moments where I dropped all the way from M3 down to M5 again. For a bit I tried playing a version that runs Small World and Kurikara, but I ended up liking this one more.

I had a fun time climbing with this deck, but doing it again next month would probably just be tortue...

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ID: 421-940-464

The last 10 games of the climb. I also played a mirror match funnily enough. They used Impulse though, which goes to show why I don't like that card as much, because it enabled my Thrust, which lead to me winning that game.