Master I from on May 7th, 2024
cp-ur 390 + cp-sr 900
60 cards

Notes & Combos

I optimised this deck to go blind 2nd with this deck. The reason I chose to do this is because we are guaranteed to go 2nd if we want to which makes deck building easier. Also I noticed that when going 1st, paleos can be very exposed to Ash blossom which leaves us with only 4 cards to survive with.

The other reason is that I wanted to maximise the value of Balance of Judgement and to try out some fun rollback combos. Rollback + evenly matched can banish your opponents entire board if we have an empty field. Evenly matched is overall solid in this meta and this can utilize it in unique ways. I often kept evenly matched in my hand to use on opponent's battle phase if I felt confident that I would survive (waboku for ex) and set up and even better wipe out on the next turn.

Balance of Judgement is the best card of the deck. It benefits from us going 2nd as we let the opponent generate tons of card advantage. It's also particularly amazing vs Rescue-Ace, Snake-eyes and Labrynth. Vs Lab in particular, evenly matched and balance of judgement are frankly our only chance to win that rough match-up. The ideal gameplan of this deck is to let the opponent build a big field, draw a bunch with balance of judgement then blow the board with Evenly matched, Daruma Karma Cannon or Ferret Flames. To help us survive till we reach this, I used cards like Waboku, Threathening Roar, Rise to full heights and Spiritual swords of revealing light.

Just remember that it is often better to let the opponent reduce our LP as low as possible, even if you have waboku, as it makes cards like ferret flames absolutely devastating. Also, I usually prefer to not summon my paleos from grave on the first turns, even if I can, unless I am 100% guaranteed to summon/resolve Opabinia on the next turn. Otherwise, just preserve them in the grave and only summon them after you have blown out the opponent or resolved a big balance of judgement.

For the monster lineup, I opted to play only 4 monsters to maximise the value of reasoning. I chose back jack and lord of the heavenly as they synergise really well with our balance of judgement/evenly matched game plan. Lord of the heavenly is not needed though and playing 2 big Kaijus instead could actually be even better.

The rest of the cards are just "good -1s" that set up ressources in our graveyard, while maximising value for a good balance of judgement / evenly matched.

The win condition is to out grind the opponent by blowing their board repeatedly to the point they run out of ressources. At that point our paleozoic xyzs, Zeus and Lord of the heavenly help us close the game, slowly but surely.

Most of the extra deck is not needed except the 6 paleozoics, Zeus, Downerd Magician, Linkuriboh, Anima.

Good matchups : Rescue-Ace, Snake-eyes, Stun

Bad matchups : Lab, Purrely, Vanquish Soul

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Duelist ID : 250-110-472

Every game with this deck is crazy and exciting. Here are a few of my favourites:

vs snake-eyes baronne+savage board:

vs Labrynth (lovely labrynth hand pop on turn 1):

Very close game vs snake-eyes :