Master I from on May 8th, 2024
cp-ur 870 + cp-sr 630
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Pretty much the most standard Dino list rn.

Not a lot of flex spots,

Animadorned can be played at 1, it's probably even the best ratio.

Pill can also be played at 1, but honestly if you are not really accustomed with the deck I won't recommend it.

The Gamma package can be swapped for other handtraps, but honestly, Gamma was been the best Dino card, the amount of games that it wins by itself going first or second is insane.

In the ED, Accel can be swapped by another Gamma/Driver target, like Omega. Phoenix, Cerberus and Unicorn are the flex spots, I think they're better than IP/Apo/Access but it's just personal preference.

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253-369-728 (The replays in Diamond this season are some lines to break boards without having access to Misc protection.)