Master I from on March 29th, 2024
cp-ur 900 + cp-sr 510
60 cards

Notes & Combos

this new variation of the deck is great. We usually end on 8+ interruptions off of any of the 1 card starters which we have 20 of after the mining semi limit. And having stupendous flex spots for non engine in the deck it does very good going second as well. the reason we are running pile is to reduce chance for drawing sage or ritual but even if we draw them we still get plenty of interruptions and usually win going first. As for the updated combo (if you don't know it already) you do regular @ignister lines (go on YT) up until you summon dark tenplar and reborn from gy. from there you synchro, do the xyz for alembertian, and circular effect to dump sigma. link templar for firewall to the point dark infant points to and then add a monster from grave to hand using it. link for witch and from tgere use the one you added as material for the ritual. from there you have so much gas to summon everything you need which is singularity in the middle, darkfluid, firewall reborn off of singularity, the gy negates, and also heatsoul since you have so much gas you dont even need the link decoder for it. you can find the exactcombo on my account for master duel i have a few replays showcasing the combo full power as well as the obscure lines like defenser to full combo. if you have any questions on why i pick certain things Dm me on discord and i will get back to you. Duelist Id: 768-243-031 Discord account: go2it

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