Mekk-Knight Crusadia

Master I from on July 10th, 2024
cp-ur 660 + cp-sr 420
40 cards

Notes & Combos

(Before Yubel pack)

A short post from me for once!

See last month's post for a 2k-word writeup that should answer most questions about this list.

Played this exact list to #4272 in the WCQ as well.

I didn't feel the need to change anything from S30, so I don't really have anything to add. It's pretty much the same environment, though there seems to be more diversity than before in Diamond/low Master, so I sometimes thought about going back to Veiler instead of Droll. However, M3 and up are still infested with Fire, so no changes in the end. Hopefully Yubel will shake up this stale meta (but not be too broken).

Overall, the lower ranks were more difficult to climb out of, but I was able to win 5 in a row to go straight from M2 to M1. I am happy with the deck's current performance, and even happier looking at all the WL cards I am still able to play here :D

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There is something wrong with my iMovie after I upgraded to the macOS Sequoia beta, so I am unable to add WL BGM to my replays. I've also been really busy recently, so I decided to just upload the 1-min decklist video for this month and be done with it.

Please check out the S30 recap video if you would like some replays:

  • All 5 replays in the 5W streak from M5 to M4 in S30 with the same list, in pretty much the same environment
  • Live gameplay for the first successful promotion game at each rank after that (M4-M3, M3-M2, M2-M1)

Playlist with all replays ever uploaded: