Superheavy Samurai

Master I from on February 23rd, 2024
cp-ur 870 + cp-sr 420
40 cards

Notes & Combos

This is a Master Rank 1 Superheavy Samurai deck profile that includes Koa'ki Meiru Guardian with 1 effect veiler and only 2 droll.

Guardian is a normal summon(can be pendulum summoned BTW), so you will need the motorbike or Wakaushi to get your full combo. Equip the wakaushi with the soulpiercer and go scarecrow, then search peacemaker and equip it to scarecrow and go into the scales and summon piercer again. Go into the ballista and search for your wakaushi again. Then pendulum and combo it up. You can also special the stealthy and equip cards to it and then use the link scarecrow to combo.

Guardian can also let you use your gamma because it tributes and removes itself from the field. The spell card that searches guardian can be banished so it wont stop you from using your Superheavy Samurai effects, but you can only banish one per turn. The effect of banishing the spell card stops the guardian from getting destroyed during the end phase and will not force you to show your Nibiru or other guardians during the end phase.

With the addition of Revolution Synchron, you can now synchro Odd-Eyes which will summon one of your pendulums for more plays.

Play test this in solo. Get your combos down. Watch the video...

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