Master I from on February 20th, 2024
cp-ur 1020 + cp-sr 240
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Notes about the Climb

Climb was smooth, the only exception being the slog fest that was M3 where I gave up and played stun and took my 51% win rate to M2 before switching back to exo sister after a few wins and losses in M2 with stun. My matchups for this season were exclusively either Mannadium, SHS or Snake Eyes. Most important part about the Snake Eyes matchup is to not shotgun all your interruptions, don't just shotgun your hand traps and wait for the right time.

Notes about Exo-Sister and the Meta

Exo-Sister works very well as an Anti-Meta deck with their Non-Targeting removel and their Romovel being banishment which hurts a lot of the top meta deck. Paired along side their ability to shut down the graveyard and run shifter make it a very powerful deck.

Cards/Tech Choices

DD Crow

Found it to be a very reliable form of interruption with it being able to snipe important cards from my most important matchups. Snake eyes has many different targets such as Masq, Formula Synchron princess targeting Flamberge and Princess itself if you draw it for turn. Against Mannadium just target Visa or make a judgment call if their hand seems weird. SHS has soul piercer and that’s that. Also remember that it can be used to trigger Martha’s move from grave effect and that it doesn’t work when D-shifter is up.

Ghost Mourner

Works under shifters and can help you get lethal. The most common target is princess in the snake eyes match up.


Does not work under shifter but good to have as a one of for a Cross Out target.


Decent in the current meta but most competent snake eye players will be able to play through it somewhat and also does not work under shifter so run at one as a Cross Out target.


Run it as a three of works well for its intended purpose and works well going first and second and does not run into Triple Tactics Talent

One of Each Archetype trap

There is no point in running more than one of each. You are not going to out grind game any meta deck right now and you will have to kill them in turn two or you're in for a fight.

No Stella

Not a one card starter


One card starter or an extender just be careful to not run it not droll

One Irene and one Sofia

Meant to exist solely for Vadus but with certain hands you can get a plus one.

One Talents

Useful as a one of has come up as a Cross Out target at one point.

No Nibiru

Even though it is great as a Cross Out target is suck if you have it in hand since Martha cannot activate if you control a non Xyz monster

Extra Deck

Pretty basic Tapir exists because of Maxx C and the Zoodiac cards for a Zues line


I don’t find this meta enjoyable right now. The end boards all feel the same with the whole Baron Appo synchro spam that seems to never end. I feel like I have faced the same three end boards for most of the meta deck and the current loop just feels boring.

P.S apologies if faced me in that M3-M2 rank when I was playing stun it was a really rough day

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