Branded Despia

Master I from on February 23rd, 2024
cp-ur 1320 + cp-sr 510
60 cards

Notes & Combos

The final deck build that got me to Master I. The most challenging part about playing Branded is still its inability to fit enough handtraps, but it's still quite a powerful deck in my opinion.

Droll was at 3 copies in Diamond rank, but I cut it down to 2 as I personally found that it clogged my hand at inopportune times. I opted not to run Ash Blossom as I believe it does little to hamper the vast majority of top-tier decks right now.

From Master V to about Master III, I ran an extra copy of Cartesia, Quem, and Nadir Servant, as well as Ad Libitum of Despia instead of 3x Imperm and 1x Evenly Matched.

I relied on the classic Branded in Red -> Ad Libitum play to recycle Mirrorjade more, but I found that it stopped being as reliable in the higher ranks.

I opted to run 3 Impermanence to counter the influx of Snake-Eye players, but I didn't run into them as much anymore. Probably still a good choice if you're having trouble with Snake-Eye, and it does stop a good number of top decks right now.

I added Evenly Matched as another Thrust target since I think Superpoly isn't that good of a boardbreaker outside of the mirrormatch. It's very good when you're up against stun, which is still surprisingly common in Master.

As for the Extra Deck, I don't think Despian Luluwalilith is optimal, but I really wanted to make this card work. She does pull her weight and has come in clutch at times, with her ability to negate anything on the field catching some people off guard. I'd say she's not a bad choice at all, but if I wanted to replace her, I'd probably use Mudragon for Superpoly or Verte for when you turbobrick.

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