cp-ur 390 + cp-sr 480
40 cards

Notes & Combos

โ™ชTo save our Mother Zelos from any monster attackโ™ช

โ™ชFrom vicious Dark Magicans who have once again come backโ™ช

โ™ชWeโ€™ll unleash all our mirror forcesโ™ช

โ™ชWe wonโ€™t cut them any slackโ™ช

โ™ชThe B.E.S. deploys!โ™ช

No extra deck because only cowards would get rid of their perfect B.E.S. monsters. Oh also it turns out having a bunch of monsters that don't share a level and lack the ability to get more than 1 monster out per turn means you probably aren't using it anyway.

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As always I have a replay from this deck used in the event as my latest saved replay. Duel ID: 302-528-256