Branded Predaplant

Fusion x Link Festival from on May 20th, 2024
cp-ur 690 + cp-sr 720
60 cards

Notes & Combos

We go 2nd, we break the board and OTK if possible. So to make it possible we load on power/draw spells: x3 Allure, Patchwork, Thrust, Talents; Duster and Evenly at 1 as additional search targets for Thrust. Droplet felt really weak into Mirror, Memento and Salad matchups, which I had the most, so I cut it down to 1 (before it was at 3). For handtraps I'm on droll (more then half of my mathcups would have died to droll if I'd drawn it ofc) and Contact "C" for fansies.

BraFu being banned is no problem. Enter OG Shaddoll Fusion. If drawn hard way Apkallone is a prime target since it forces something with its face-up card negate. Otherwise Construct sending Romarin -> dump Byblisp -> search Bufo which is additional Poly for Dark Fusions. Also Shaddoll Fusion is searcheable if you can access Cartesia -> Granguignol -> dump Apkallone -> search Shaddoll Fusion. It's not always possible to OTK and since it a grass deck I also play Shaddoll traps for value.

For Branded package it's pretty standart. I'd like to fit 1 more Albion and High Spirits in main but it so tight. Master of Chaos in Extra as a target for High Spirits if I want to use Dolls in hand.

Very fun deck. Finally some good YGO. Tring to break boards required some thought process. Went undefeated exluding 1 match against @Ignister since I have no outs for Arrival.

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767-437-198 Saved 1 replay cuz I'd no more space. Later will clean it up for more