Magical Musket

Extra Zero Festival from on July 20th, 2022
cp-ur 330 + cp-sr 480
45 cards

Author Notes

This is almost exactly the deck I use in ranked, so it's tailor-made for this format. Magical Musketeers have a unique problem as they require you actually to read cards to win the game. The deck is extremely reactive, meaning if your opponent doesn't do anything, you won't either. And as you can imagine 1200 ATK every turn doesn't put that much of a clock on your opponent. This will sound like a joke but I'm being serious, you might want to play reckless greed in this deck. you make better use of the immediate value and your musketeers will keep refilling your hand.

The ratios are up to preferences. With no extra deck we have no prosperity, meaning we can play multiple Kidbrave without being punished for it. -Arlequino is like Eldlich as in you want to draw him, but at the same time, you don't. We have ways to search him so I feel better playing him at 2. He also acts as a bigger body to hit your opponent harder (daddy). -Without prosperity, triple upstart is mandatory (only if you have it, don't go crafting upstart just for this deck, it's not ACTUALLY mandatory) as it allows you to trigger one of your musketeer's effect for free while cycling itself. -Without the help of your extra deck you are stuck with your weak musketeers on board. They are always at risk of just getting run over and you don't want to waste a desperado or cross domination as battle tricks. So yea, play steady hands.

I don't know why you would but you can dm me on discord at Shagaru#3759 .